Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace

Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace
Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace
Product Description

This Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace is an advanced heating equipment that is designed for the chemical industry. The furnace is electrically operated. It is used for the high-temperature heat treatment of the graphite powder and other parts made of the graphite in order to refine and purify them. It has got the capability to generate temperature as high as 2800 degree Celsius. The furnace is equipped with the advanced control system, therefore, it can be employed for the controlled heating of the graphite. Apart from this, Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace can be purchased from us at the budget-friendly price. 

ACME Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace in the industry. It is a new high temperature graphitization furnace developed on the basis of its existing horizontal super-high temperature graphitization furnace and is mainly used for high temperature treatment of graphite powder purification. It can also complete the purification combined with high temperature method and chemical method by using temperature as high as 2800 ℃ and hours of continuous work.

The furnace is developed with advanced technology and the latest industry standards and we guarantee high quality products. ACME is a known name in the industry and has clients all over the world Europe, the US, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America. All the products are sold out on one year warranty and at a very cost effective rate.


  • It is designed for the chemical industry
  • The furnace is electrically operated
  • Have an advanced control system and can be employed for the controlled heating of the graphite
  • High production efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Has the on-line temperature measurement and temperature control system
  • Temperature inside the furnace can be monitored in real time
  • Long service life
  • Three-phase power supply mode

Technical Features:

  • Lower energy consumption due to continuous loading and discharging under high temperature and shortens the production cycle
  • It is designed with electrical resistance or induction heating
  • The maximum temperature can reach up to more than 3000°C
  • The furnace uses high efficiency filter system and can trap the dust and gases coming from the purification process

Optional Configuration:

  • Inner layer of Furnace vessel is made up of stainless steel, total stainless steel furnace also available
  • Induction heating method is also available
  • Vacuum pump and gauge are of foreign brand, Chinese brand is optional
  • Simulation screen, touch screen, industrial personal computer
  • SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM temperature controller
  • Single color, Double color, CHINO, Raytek Infrared meter
  • OMRON , Siemens PLC
  • CHINT, Schneider, Siemens brand electric components

Technical Specifications



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