Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomization Equipment

Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomization Equipment
Product Description


Plasma rotating electrode atomization equipment processes metal or alloy powders with good sphericity, fewer defects, uniform and narrow particle size distribution, low impurity content, low oxygen content and low growth, which is applied for aerospace materials and addictive manufacture of special metal-based powder material.


  • On base of powder technology, Dingli is focus on the research of new generation plasma rotating electrode process and equipment manufacturing.
  • The company develop independent intellectual property rights in equipment technology and rotating atomization technology from continuous feed, sealing, auto arcing as well as information feedback, intelligent control. 
  • There are 7 to 8 patents in the dynamic seal ring floating in oil-free, water-cooled centrifugal brush, tripod, high-speed rotary gas seal technology, bar connection technology, high-speed rotating vibration cancellation technology, conical furnace, high-current flexible couplings and other aspects, which enhance plasma rotating electrode atomization technology and equipment level.

Specifications of Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomization Equipment

Diameter of Electrode Rod

70 to 100mm

Limit Rotational Speed of Electrode Rod (Rmax)

18000 to 25000r/min

Powder Yield




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