Tube Furnace

Tube Furnace
Product Description

The offered Tube Furnace is an electric heating machine that is widely incorporated for the syntheses and purification of the inorganic compound. Basically, the furnace is assembled of a cylindrical cavity that is surrounded by the heating elements. These elements are embedded in the thermally insulating material. It is equipped with a thermocouple device that is responsible to regulate the temperature of the furnace. Owing to its varied qualities and features, this Tube Furnace is widely demanded industry-specific product.

Technical Features

  • Multiple tube heating guarantees good temperature uniformity and large production capacity.
  • Round tube assures less deformation and smooth loading and unloading.
  • The intermittent loading and unloading type assures good sealing performance and low gas consumption with gas recycling.
  • Pusher furnaces are configured with full automatic boat charging, boat pushing, unloading and boat dumping service, which ensures stable quality and low labor force.
  • Multi-tube reduction furnaces have the functions of remote control operation, remote malfunction diagnosis and remote program update functions.
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