Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Product Description

The offered Vacuum Brazing Furnace is widely appreciated owing to its top-notch design, durability and unmatched performance. This is an industrial vacuum furnace that is designed for the heat treatment of a product (typically metal or ceramic ). vacuum is essential in order to protect the metallic product from the oxidization during the heat treatment. Owing to its innovative design and features, the product being treated does not get contaminated or become inferior. The offered Vacuum Brazing Furnace is assembled of the top-notch electrical parts and components, which are responsible for its supreme performance and durability. 

This Vertical Bottom Loading Vacuum Brazing Furnace is manufactured and supplied by ACME Co., Ltd which is widely appreciated in the market for its supreme performance and durability. It is designed for the heat treatment of a product typically metal or ceramic, this vacuum furnace protects the metallic product from the oxidization during the heat treatment.

The rapid cooling system improves the product quality and shortens the production cycle thus improving the production efficiency. The heating chamber is equipped with a special seal furnace, to the greatest extent possible for avoiding the lipid on furnace wall and heating chamber insulation material pollution.


  • It is used for vacuum brazing of materials like stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, titanium alloy or high temperature alloy.


  • Controlled by the whole automatic control
  • The control system is equipped with alarm functions
  • Sturdy design with longer service life

Technical Features:

  • The furnace hearth is designed with good temperature uniformity through modularized optimization
  • The lifting structure has the function of eliminating the cumulative errors; the movements are of high stability and no vibration
  • The vacuum inlet is configured with gas condensate phase inversion device
  • Filter collection device for preventing welding flux vapor polluting vacuum system
  • Unique gauge anti-pollution technology
  • Unique rear insulation has a large radiation area and better insulation performance

Optional Configuration:

  • Bottom loading vertical door can be moved horizontally or horizontally fixed
  • Vertical movement can be screw moving or nut moving
  • Furnace hearth can be made of Graphite heating elements and graphite felt heat insulation or Molybdenum heating element and metal heat insulation
  • Vacuum pump and gauge can be of foreign brand or high-quality Chinese brand
  • PLC can be of OMRON, Siemens or Mitsubishi
  • Thermocouple can be S-type, K-type or N-type
  • Temperature controller can be SHIMADEN, EUROTHERM or Honeywell
  • Paperless recorder or paper recorder
  • Simulation screen or Touch screen
  • Electric components can be of Schneider or Siemens


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